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HBO Now Vs Netflix: How Do They Compare?

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Revenue becomes even more precious among live streaming services with the launch of HBO Now. One of the biggest fallout of the new live streaming service would be the viewership battle between Netflix and HBO Now.Netflix vs HBO Now

While HBO Now will soon be available to viewers as a standalone channel without any cable subscription, Netflix has topped them in terms of revenue generation so far. News also has it that Netflix has made a huge bank of original content, which will create pressure on HBO Now.

HBO started operations back in the early 70s and has some of the blockbuster franchises like True Blood and Game of Thrones. They have also declared premiering a new season of Game of Thrones when they launch the standalone streaming service in April 12, 2015.

In this race, Netflix is not lagging behind. With experience of only seven years, they have updated their library with a whole lot of original content and have high rating shows like Orange in the New Black as well as House of Cards.

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The addition of original content to the Netflix library is sure to take away the supremacy HBO Now used to enjoy. However, Netflix remains a great choice for watching non-fiction films.When it comes to cost and technology, there is no doubt that Netflix enjoys supremacy compared to any other channel. Though both have some advantages and disadvantages, Netflix is posing a strong competition to HBO Now, which is still the most popular choice among audiences. 

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