We never knew there was an upper limit in terms of technology’s performance and power, but things sure seem to be hitting a lull when you look at the latest smartphones hitting the market. Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 for instance – it created quite the hype ahead of its launch, but now that it’s here, there isn’t really anything all that spectacular in it.

Sure it’s among the more powerful devices out in the market currently, but there isn’t anything truly groundbreaking in it. For the archrival of Apple, we really were expecting more innovation from Samsung.

But it’s not like things are all rosy at the other end either – for all the hype when it comes to innovation and Apple, the iPhone 5 was also quite a downer. There wasn’t anything very exciting, but sure, we’re hearing rumors about fantastic technology coming up in the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 6.

And then there’s Nokia – the former world leader that just about regained some of its lost ground over the past few months, thanks to the Lumia 920. It’s soon going to announce its new flagship Lumia 928 smartphone, but we doubt if there’s much innovation that’s gone into making it. You’d think that a company that really needs to pull users off Android based smartphones and iPhones would come up with something unique in its Windows Phone 8 based devices, but that’s missing too.

So in the coming year, would we only see smartphone makers vying to put in the biggest screen with the highest possible resolution, the fastest possible processor and the most powerful camera in their devices, or can we see someone coming up with a smartphone that does something more?