Has Lockdown Encouraged You To Be an Entrepreneur?

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There’s no getting around the fact that 2020 has been an extraordinary year. The world is locked within four walls to fight the deadly pandemic. Our living rooms have become our offices and meetings have gone digital. We have been catching up with clients and colleagues via video apps.

Lockdown has been unfortunate for many. People lost their jobs as the pandemic forced thousands to sit at home without any income. There are many who have adapted to the current situation too. They have used the lockdown to find business opportunities to grow and flourish.

In this article, we have covered some interesting business ideas during lockdown that will help individuals earn revenue. These lockdown business opportunities cater to the demands of the changing world and are here for the long run.

Lockdown Business Opportunities

E-learning & up-skill platforms

E-Learning & Skilling Platforms

There has been an outburst of e-learning opportunities. Online learning platforms witnessed exponential growth over the last year. Several new e-learning businesses also mushroomed overnight due to the need for a variety of online teaching mechanisms.

In fact, ed-tech giants and startups have even received massive rounds of funding during Covid times. The Indian edtech industry received over $2.2 billion of funding in 2020. These companies look at online courses, assessment platforms, classroom learning and more.

The market is still growing. If it has been on your mind, this is the time to invest your skills and experience in building user-friendly e-learning platforms. Educational institutes and parents are looking at online learning. You could set up a marketplace, or be a part of the marketplace.

In both cases, the edtech is a marketplace you want to be part of.

Home services business

Home Services Business

There was a risk of stepping out of homes. This has created an unprecedented need for at-home services such as car servicing, hairdressing or appliance maintenance.

To start a business in this segment, you need to hire trained professionals and provide prompt services to stay afloat and beat the competitors.

This is indeed the right time to choose from a buffet of niche services that you can offer. Create an opportunity for yourself. It can help you to earn a good livelihood without investing too much.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing

The online world is all about digital marketing. With all the operations shifting online, digital marketing and advertising agencies have hugely profited and will continue to do so. This has opened a pandora’s box of freelancing opportunities in the Digital Marketing segment.

The demand for content writers, creative writers, graphic designers and social media professionals has seen a sharp increase. If you are a keen social media observer, this might be your thing. Attend a certified digital marketing courses online and enhance your skills.

Online consulting

Online Consulting

If you have a prior experience or skills in digitization and automation, then online consulting is a good lockdown business opportunity. Doctors, accountants, fitness experts have hopped on to this bandwagon.

Several companies are also transitioning to digitization and automation. Hence, it is a good time to work from home for companies that don’t want employees coming home any time soon.

Renewable energy is a big gig

Renewable Energy Segment

The global pandemic has shifted our focus on interventions that will prove beneficial to mankind in the future. A great lockdown business opportunity would be to plan a clean transition into a green, sustainable, and digital business model.

Currently, there is a growing demand in the renewable energy sector. In case you are planning to start something new, the best advice would be to venture in the renewable energy segment now.

Let us know what you think of these lockdown business opportunities.

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