Hapless Instagram Users Asked to Change Password


Photo and video-sharing website Instagram was forced to ask the users to reset their passwords that were affected by the fruity spam attack.

It all started when users who clicked on images available on the Instagram feed clicked and they were led to a bogus BBC News site. Now, this site showed a “Tropical Fruit Burns 17 Pounds in 22 Days. Exclusive Offer for Readers” headline. Quite evidently a spam, this link generated more than 35,000 clicks from US, UK, Netherlands, Australia, Germany, Sweden, Philippines and Norway. Additionally, some 90 more countries were affected by this virus on June 29 between 10 to 11pm.

The spam that required Instagram users to change their password received more than 27,000 hits.

What Instagram says about it!

According to a spokesperson from Facebook — the mother company of Instagram — some of their users encountered a spam incident when they tried to post unwanted photos from their accounts. However, the security and spam team at the end of the social network took quick action against them. They sent notifications to affected users to reset their passwords.

Bit.ly, the URL shortening service used for some of the fruit images that hit Instagram, had also issued a warning page informing users about the malicious link.

The talk about the Instagram’s fruit-themed spam spread everywhere including Twitter where some tweets mentioned about the same. However, Instagram, the famous photo-sharing and video-sharing network used by 130 million users every month, is hardly going to get affected by any such spam.