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Hands On iPhone5: It Was Almost Like Bumping Into My Superhero From The Big Screen

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Writing about iPhone 5 last few weeks was fun and laying hands on the actual device was even better. It was almost like bumping into my superhero from the big screen. Standing in the long queue was totally worth it!

To start, not only could I relate my writings with the device, but it also sounded a lot more familiar.

Also I was smiling and was happy about joining the league of proud owners of an iPhone 5 with the latest iOS 6.

So, for those who stayed unsuccessful in grabbing the device the day-one, I could help solve the mystery by listing down some of the answers to your questions.

The world’s long-awaited iPhone 5 is surely a lot thinner, lighter, and brighter. Apple gave birth to A6 chip in its latest offering. The firm heavily marketed claiming iPhone 5 to be faster than the iPhone 4S. I kept both the phones on the same wavelength and tapped on to download the same data on the same Wi-Fi. And my latest iPhone 5 did download the webpage few seconds faster than the 4S. So the iPhone 5 surely stays ahead of 4S in terms of speed boost.

The only shortcome this phone got is in its new mapping app, which replaces the Google Maps. But that is okay for me as I don’t really rely much on maps apps.

Watching videos on iPhone 5 is also a lot clearer and smoother. Swapping in between apps is also quick and instant in it. The glass at the front looks strong, though the device is light. Apple claims it to be scratch resistant and I am hoping it will be durable as many users out there have already taken the drop test. I didn’t really try the drop test. Well, to be honest- couldn’t!

The phone has aluminum encasing, which does look prone to scratches as it makes the phone too light. So, I suggest it’s better to get a stylish cover that goes well with the device.

The 4-inch screen looks slightly bigger than the 4S’s 3.5-inch display. The display till the edges does give it a bigger look. But that doesn’t compromise on the comfort level. The phone has a good grip and is easy to balance.

Features such as enhanced camera and better handling of apps do make iPhone 5 a better choice. And about the new lighting connector that came along, it is definitely smaller, but doesn’t really charge the device any faster. Both the 4S and iPhone 5 took the same time to fully charge. The only thing that I liked about this charger was that it could be used upside-down.

One another notable difference, which I am sure all users will notice, is the quality or clarity of voice while making calls. The iPhone 5 got a very good speaker clarity, which is detectable while making calls, watching videos or listening to music.

This phone is surely a sleeker and smarter choice than its predecessor- the 4S.

Also see where you can get unlocked version of iPhone 5: https://techthirsty.com/2012/09/22/unlocked-version-of-iphone-5-now-available-with-verizon/

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