Even as 343 Industries plans to take on the gaming industry with their version of the Halo franchise, a glimpse is offered at their weapons arsenal and the range just seems awesome to say the least…

Microsoft, in its usual style, has been revealing much planned information bytes about its latest product, Halo 4, which is being developed by 343 Industries. The Halo franchise till now had been a brainchild of Bungie Industries, who have been left out in the lurch with this version. Bungie, on the other hand, plans to make a comeback next year with something which challenges its previous work. Meanwhile, 343 Industries have revealed a range of weaponry, which would be part of the multiplayer mission.

Some of the notable references include the standard Assault Rifle, which can fire continuously without offering break to the victim. Its potency is still questionable as compared to the complete range. Another rifle in the set is the standard Battle Rifle, which is a better weapon for combat. The sniper rifle completes the triad of rifles in this battle. The trailer shows the detailed DMR, which has been part of the UNSC’ weapons system just like the Rocket Launcher, which is the M41 Surface-to-Surface Rocket Medium Anti-Vehicle/Assault Weapon. To show its attack capability, the trailer even shows the player attacking an assault vehicle and blowing it to smithereens. A similar effect is also brought in by the heavy attack capability of the Sticky Detonator, which takes time to orient itself but delivers an impressive impact.

The only thing that one gets amazed at is the use of the new shotgun introduced in the fight sequences. After all, it has a rustic appeal but looking at the setting of the Halo franchise, it seems like ‘old school’. A similar weapon is the SAW Machine gun, which can make the battlefield pleasing for the gamer.

And when we come to the hi-fi section that makes the game worth its name, you have the Spartan Laser, typical stuff of the Halo games.  The most potent of the set is the Rail Gun, which can turn heads in a battle and really turn it around for the gamer. The only setback is its rebooting time that can affect the game play. But you get to have the fun of seeing the opponent disappear in just one shot!

As with all weapons, their design is also based on the distance and the impact required. Hence, choose wisely while in combat! Of course, when everything runs out, do use the Magnum; it would also be part of your weaponry as well. And yes, if you are expecting something more out of this trailer, then it also shows the points garnered with kills and of course, a mean game play. Come November 6, 2012, one can see them in action. Although, the online action series would be airing a good month before the game’s release, one is hoping for some more previews of John-117 aka Master Chief and his exploits.