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Halo 4 to Have ‘Flood’ as the Infection Mode; New Multiplayer Revealed!

With the release date approaching for Halo 4, new details are revealed regarding the return of the Infection mode in this new epic venture…

Everybody is waiting with anxiety regarding the return of the Master Chief and his aide, Cortana as they would trudge through the alienlandofRequiemin the new version of Halo. Now, 343 Industries has not lagged far behind in revealing new details from time to time regarding the game and keeping the fire burning in the mind and hearts of all its fans. The latest reveal from the Microsoft informs the return of the multiplayer mode Infection, which was part of the earlier games.

Titled ‘Flood’ in the latest version, the reveals show infected Spartans progressing to attack the players. The mode supports up to 12 players, which is a considerable number with two players donning the roles of Alpha Zombies (infected ones) and the remaining trying to survive them. Weapons are disabled in this mode and players have to survive on the basis of physical game play with claws and enhanced vision to support their attempts.

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The new title does seem apt for this new adventure as Halo Destiny reveals that ‘infected players will play as a flood combat form’ in the course of the game. The exact speed and performance of the players is yet to be revealed by the gaming company. Meanwhile, the game will also have the services of a ‘new vehicle’ called the ‘Mantis’ for John-117 who can utilize it for combating the Prometheans and Covenant forces.

For now, we can estimate it to be another boosting shot for the game, which is coming up with a lot of firsts and coupling it with some of the most favorite modes from the past games. 343 Industries has really revived the game in a larger-than-life format and is not leaving any stone unturned to make it an epic venture. Unlike the ever popular Rockstar-backed GTA series, Halo has recently seen a change of ownership with Bungie making way for Microsoft-backed 343 Industries but that has not led to any disappointments so far. On the other hand, Rockstar has failed to sustain the interests related to GTA 5 revealing very little related to the game and even getting a disappointing review from the investors who are now predicting that the game would be delayed further. Though heartbreaking, we still expect Rockstar to pick up some clues from the Halo 4 makers.

And just in case, you are curious about the live action series, it would soon be making its presence felt on October 5, 2012. The series revealed its new trailer titled ‘Lecture’, which details the academy and its proceedings. Although, the online series is yet to pick up pace, the game still has gathered quite a good set of reviews before its launch. The wait till November 6, 2012, would be an arduous one for many fans of this series. But it would be worth it with the online series prepping the gamers before the final showdown.

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