343 Industries reveal more about the latest Halo 4, which is going to reprise the famous Grifball for its multiplayer format. Discover what the game is all about and what kind of weapons are available this time around…

In a big plus to Halo gamers, it has been announced that 343 Industries would be bringing back the Grifball. The game mode, which was seen in Halo 3 and Halo: Reach is going to reprise in the new edition as well. The players would be combating with a Aptly termed as Death Rugby, it has rules similar to the sport with some cool weaponry attached to the game play. The players would have to work as a team of 3 to 4 people and would have to encounter an opposing team for a round bomb, which is placed at the center of the arena. The battle would include conflicts with rival players who would try to thwart the ball carrier and to facilitate the attack, each of the players are provided with a Gravity Hammer and an Energy Sword. To make matters more enticing, the player health would be at 10 percent with the weapon damage adjusted at 200 percent.

Both weapons are crucial in their usage as the Gravity Hammer, which is a formidable instrument can just swat the opponent but also allow the bomb to fly off in a random manner. On the other hand, Energy Sword lets you possess the bomb once the kill is achieved. Meanwhile, each team has to defend its bomb carrier just like in Rugby and killing the carrier does not mean the end of the game. The players have the ability to respawn within three seconds at their own goal post and begin their campaign again. Those who enjoy their multiplayer can also enjoy the play as the opponent is eliminated with a single hit. Although, the advantage lies with the player who carries the bomb as he can enjoy the benefits of faster recharge and also have a 2x Overshield with enhanced 150 per cent speed and damage resistance after possessing the bomb for a certain period of time, turning it orance like Grif.

Players are also eliminated when they are thrown outside the arena and again respawn at the goal post. The crux of the game is tactical strategies combined with effective teamwork, which can lead them to an easy victory. The new edition of Grifball will have 9 rounds of 3 minute time.

With the reintroduction of Grifball, 343 Industries is once again touching base with loyal fans of Halo. The game, which is also being released with a live action web series would be released with weekly episodes titled as Spartan Ops. The game is due for a November 6, 2012 release. Details of Grifball were revealed in the recently held PAX 2012 in Seattle where gamers got the glimpse of the gaming mode. Microsoft-backed 343 Industries is expected to retain the glory of the game with its consistent efforts in improving the game. Its real success, however, can only be gauged upon its release.