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Halo 4 crosses the 1-million mark and going strong; more details revealed!


Even 3 weeks before its launch, 343 Industries has crossed the 1-million mark and the game’s popularity is rising continuously. Meanwhile, the ancient evil trailer is garnering more audience for the game. One finds out…

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Following up on the craze of the Halo series helmed by Bungie was no mean task for the Microsoft-backed 343 Industries but the company has done it with élan. The game surpassed the 1 million mark a good 3 weeks before its launch. A survey by the VGchartz has revealed that the game’s popularity is only contested by the Activision FPS, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. But it is just a matter of time as Halo 4 is registering a faster growth as compared to ‘Black Ops 2’ which came out with its final launch trailer. A racing one, understandably!

Meanwhile Halo 4 also kept the gaming audiences on their toes with the ‘Ancient Evil Awakens’ trailer which was produced by ‘Fight Club’ specialist David Fincher and Tim Miller who was behind the visual effects on ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World’. The trailer is packed with mysteries about the game and the much discussed secret of ‘Ancient Evil’ which has been closely guarded by 343 Industries since its inception. Meanwhile, the Master Chief looks pretty helpless in the captivity where he reminisces about details about his past and his induction into the UNSC. The trailer also shows processes and experiments by which John-117 finally achieves super strength and his missions on alien planets where he encounters various adversaries. The two-minute version is released for now and another five-minutes of footage is yet to be revealed. The trailer looks promising and not to mention, a good competition to the ‘Black Ops II’ version which also registered a spurt in sales following its final trailer. The online web series which features a series of TV and Hollywood actors is still going strong but lesser than the actual sales of the edition. The fourth edition would be released this week. 343 Industries has ensured consistently that the gaming fans are always updated about the game’s progress and have strategically placed its launch in phases. Since the game is divided into a series of episodes aptly titled Spartan Ops, it is expected to sustain interest for the coming few months as well.

Meanwhile, if you are still considering whether to go for the kill or wait it out, then GameStop has come out with its final offer on the Halo 4 purchase. Gamers can choose between a Ghost Avatar Prop or a Halo 4 Wallpaper Pack for the third and final round of pre-order which will run between October 22 and November 4, 2012. The editions would be running in short supply owing to its popularity and has vanished from various pre-order outlets.

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