Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Hail Windows 8! Microsoft Set To Freshen Up MSN

Windows 8 is proving to be a winner even before it has reached the masses. And Microsoft has managed to make yet another decision that would prove vital in its longer innings down the line. MSN had revolutionized the way we perceived the web years back and now it has been all set to have its own news coverage—right from its very own team. A lucrative prospect for millions of users—especially those tapping on their tabs, as well as for those keen on a news-world career!

After the 50 percent stake sale to NBC last June, this is one big piece of news. Plus the fact that Microsoft is serious about this new news operation launch is further proven genuine with the new offices coming up at Bellevue. We know that content was forever the king for websites but Microsoft’s foray has indeed proven the fact that no matter how big a site is, it needs to take care of its own content internally.

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Now some more news that could cheer you up is—you would no longer have separate looks across the various pages on In coordination with Windows 8, MSN would have a homogenous look across all its pages and sub links. Be prepared to surf and sniff for stuff that are all patented by Microsoft. Hail Windows 8!

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