Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Hail The New Version Of You Tube: You Tube 3.1



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The new version of You Tube is here.  The You Tube API trio Raul Furnica, Vladimir Vuskovic and Pepijn Crouzen revealed the version 3.0 of You Tube in an official blog post. With 3.0 version of You Tube users would have a better integrated video experience and the interface is a breeze to use. With the new version You Tube has gone a notch further with its client library support, tooling and reference documentation.


“Version 3.0 only returns what you ask for and is using JSON rather than XML encoding for greater efficiency. The API introduces new core functionality including Freebase integration via topics, and universal search.  If you develop social media management apps, you’ll love channel bulletin post and full subscriber list management, also new in this release. Version 3.0 of the API constitutes the API’s biggest overhaul to date and we’re eager for you to try it today!,” the blog post explains.

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As per the post the users can search for what they are looking for by using Freebase topic ID’s rather then using keywords.


For  example, suppose a user (from outside of the US) is reading the post and is looking for football-related content, then they should key in the topic ID – /M/02VX4.

The API also has a universal search feature which on a single request will get you tube channels, playlists and videos  of  the matching topic.


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