Saturday, December 2, 2023

No Privacy With Samsung Galaxy S3: The Easy Hacking And Hunting Down Gives Apple iPhone 5 An Edge


Samsung Galaxy S3 is giving hard time to its users, courtesy a hack which lets anyone enter the home screen even when PIN and pattern lock is enabled. The hack has made phone vulnerable to by passers and is a serious privacy concern which gives edge to Apple iPhone 5 here.

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The hack works in a following fashion: Click on the ‘Emergency Call’ button and then immediately press emergency contact button at the bottom, then the home button and then the lock key. When buttons are pressed in this fashion then lock is surpassed and takes the user directly to Samsung Galaxy S3 home screen.

The hack would work only when done in proper manner and it will give access to all apps and home screen. So here is a warning for those using Samsung Galaxy S3, your phone is not as secure as you think.

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