guess martian smartwatchOne of the most reputed fashion brands, GUESS has officially said that it has collaborated with Martian Watches to develop its own smartwatch.

Swiss firm SEQUEL is the parent company of GUESS and it recently announced during a distributor conference that it is planning to develop a smartwatch in order to capitalize on the craze for this technology craze. Cindy Livingston, President and CEO of SEQUEL has been quoted saying that “It’s the beginning of an era where wrist accessories will be able to do much more than tell time.”

On the other hand, Martian specializes in developing smartwatches that sports its own custom software for voice commands. Martian smartwatches have the capability to do everything right from sending an SMS to checking social media updates.

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There is a high probability that GUESS will make use of Martian’s software and will steer clear of Google similar to what HP recently announced for their smartwatch.

With this partnership, we will see the mix of latest technology and the high-end world class design. It will be interesting to see how the smartwatch will look like and what will be its price point.