GTA 5 Codes and Cheat Sheet: Grand Theft Auto 5 All UFO Sightings – Map Locations

At first we discovered a crashed UFO in GTA 5 and now the sky is completely loaded with such stuff- but only if you see in the right direction. You need to check out the map to find UFOs near San Andreas. Check out the UFO Sighting along with Several Easter Egg Locations:

  1. Paleto Bay Crash

In the Paleto Bay’s northern side, you’ll find a sunk deep underwater sunk UFO. However, there is no way to open it.


  1. Fort Zancudo AFB

This weird UFO appears above Fort Zancudo AFB. Players can try to land on the flying saucer but the players are thrown away by the spinning engine force. It looks more like an alien vessel, dissimilar to the other two oddly marked flying saucers.


  1. Mount Chiliad Hologram

This comes up only when you earn 100% completion. Visit the Mt. Chiliad peak and search for the viewing platform. At sharp 3 am, you will find a UFP standing on a wooden podium, but only till the time it is raining.


  1. Sandy Shore FIB

This one is more mysterious as it appears in the Sandy Shore above hippy camp. It is just like the above UFO with FIB marked on it.

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