It seems Pokemon X and Y has surpassed GTA 5 in terms of popularity and fan fare. Inspite of selling more than 400,000 copies in Japan, GTA 5 could not topple Pokemon X and Y from the no.1 spot.

According to the Rockstar blockbuster, “The Rockstar blockbuster sold 360,115 copies on PS3 and a further 26,612 copies on Xbox 360. This was a major improvement over the 165,000 copies GTA 4 managed to shift at its Japanese launch in November 2008.”

Meanwhile, since its release Pokemon X and Y have sold more than 8.7 million copies. Pokémon is Nintendo’s offering and X and Y are the first of its kind. Looking at the way the game is picking up, it could be predicted that soon Pokemon X and y would become a phenomenon in the game industry.

Simon Parkin of Eurogame wrote in his Pokemon X and Y review, “X & Y is the finest expression of [series creator] Satoshi Tajiri’s obsessive vision yet,” “The transition to 3D is smooth and natural and the multitudinous additions to the proven formula will excite even the most jaded Pokémon fanatic.”

Let us know which game do you like more, GTA 5 or Pokemon X and Y.