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GTA 5 vs Call of Duty: Is GTA 5 Going to Outsell Call of Duty?

GTA 5 vs Call of Duty

GTA 5 vs Call of DutyHopes are high on the release of the latest version of Grand Theft Auto. According to Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia, GTA 5 should be able to outsell Call of Duty 2013 by selling 18 million copies in the first six months.

Bhatia has based his estimates using a “hypothetical probability model” by integrating information such as 250 staffers working on the game for five years. He also estimates that Rockstar would have pumped in about $137.5 million towards the development of this game. The analyst suggests that if Rockstar is able to sell a mimimum of 15 million copies and not spend heavily on marketing, they could generate $193.6 million in sales. At the same time, he predicts the makers will be able to ship 18 million copies following first 6 months of the GTA 5 release.

Rockstar has said that they have delayed launch of the game to seek more time for development.