GTA 5 Secret Cheat Sheet: ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Infinite Health Tips and Tricks


The Grand Theft Auto 5 has been released by Rockstar. GTA 5 is slated to bag the top spot in the gaming category this year. Here are a few tricks and health tips.

Chop, Franklin’s pet dog, can prove to be more than just a good friend. Chop could be your bodyguard and also your escort in Los Santos, as it simmers with criminal activities. Chop has a unique ability of sniffing hidden or disguised objects. For instance, it can sniff out spaceship pieces and parts. It can also dig out a lost 50-page killer’s confession. This is surely going to help you locate some tough to find collectibles in Los Santos area.

When attacking your enemy, take the aim the way you would shoot. Chop will instantly identify the target and attack him and instantly kill him. However, this feature will not optimally function against cops or while playing in groups. Hence, wisely use it. You surely do not want to lose your loyal dog.

You can improve Chop’s response skills as well as his behavior by using the free iFruit app designed by Rockstar. The app is available currently only for iOs devices. With this app, you can play with Chop, feed him and teach him different tricks. This can increase Chop’s happiness score in GTA 5.