It’s a known fact that the majority of online video games hit various hurdles and glitches post their launch, but the already long list of GTA 5 is still lengthening. Apart from the log in issues post its launch date, infinite loading loops that require major resets are now popular cries amongst loyal players.

Rockstar is desperately trying to mollifying its players by a deposit of a whopping $500,000 into the virtual bank accounts of every player gaming in the month of October.  If you join now, even you’d be applicable for this monetary apology.  Way to go GTA 5 :/

To do this, Rockstar announced that player will have to install a title update that is expected to occur next week. This update (version 1.04) is the juggernaut that fixes the issues and allows the finds transfer from their side. Each deposit made would be announced on their Rockstar Newswire. The transfer will be split into 2 deposits each $250,000 heavy. This appears in the in-game online bank account of the players.

The sum is big. In-fact is bigger than the amount some pros have earned since the launch day till date!  But you can’t go unlimited spending sprees. Weapons and clothing still need to be unlocked via leveling up. The $5mil transcends to about $5.50 US (as on the last known exchange rate), so players can start buying things which they’ll end up paying for in the future. Again, touché  GTA 5.