Online retailer Simplycdkeys, which specializes in CD keys for PC games, has reported that the PC and Steam versions of Grand Theft Auto 5 (GTA 5) are scheduled to be released on 19 September, 2014. However, the PC version of GTA 5, which is one of the most successful games in the gaming industry developed by Rockstar Games, is yet to be officially announced.

The retailer has also started taking pre-orders for the action-adventure game, according to Gamerspective. The listing hinted that the PC and Steam versions are expected to be available in the market after the release of PlayStation 3 and Xbox One version.

The fans of GTA 5 have a high anticipation regarding the release of the PC version of the game by Rockstar. However, the company so far has not disclosed any information or even hinted on this likely port.

According to a report by the International Business Time, Rockstar is scheduled to release the game at E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, due to be held in June 2014. Meanwhile, a Twitter post by Lokiolr read “Rockstar had something amazing to show but bailed at the last minute. Expect an E3 announcement from them this year. Likely GTA V on nextgen.”

It was recently reported by Eurogamer Portugal that the PS4 version of GTA 5 can be pre-ordered via the Portuguese retailer, Worten. The game has also appeared on Amazon Germany as well as Czech retailer SuperGamer.