Following up on the GTA 5 PC release, it is now apparent that Rockstar Games may stump one and all around the time of June 2014. The E3, the biggest gaming event of the year may soon be the stage for new launches and announcements from Rockstar. There have been a series of leaks from Rockstar which reflect that they are working laboriously on the PC version. One of the many leaks, a 150-page bug log points towards an upcoming PC version.

There are some retailers linking the release around June 13, 2014. However, the date could be possibly after the E3 event. Also, the version is slated to support 32 players. These details are yet to be confirmed from Rockstar, the company still has not accepted the PC version and its validity in the year’s release. The retailers have been open and brash about the game’s PC, PS 4 and Xbox One versions for this year.

Take Two, developers of GTA 5 has accepted through its CEO Strauss Zelnick that they are happy that gamers expect the various releases like James Bond movies and they have ensured consistent releases to offer new things for the gamers. The fact that the online petition (visit has recorded more than 6,79,000 supporters shows that the fans are eager about the PC release.