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GTA 5 Online Stealth Patch Brings Cheer For PS3 and Xbox 360 Players—No Fear For Legit GTA Money Earners

gta-5-150x15011113112211There is fresh news that could please Xbox 36 and Playstation 3 addicts. GTA 5 cheats and codes have finally arrived to make 2014 more enjoyable for gamers of Grand Theft Auto. However, one drab bit here is that Rockstar Games have of late, released updates pointing to the money glitch that dominates the game in its multi-player avatar.

This update is a stealth patch that is set to apply on its own as soon as GTA Online pumps to life.

Of note is that fact that this is not an update in the GTA 5 1.09 category. This actually looks into the issue of gamer invasions for game lobby modification. An official rockstar release states, “With regard to reports of cheating and hacking in Grand Theft Auto Online, the team is working on a patch that will delete any GTA money gained through blatant exploits and prevent this further in the future. The team will also take appropriate measures soon to punish players discovered manipulating the game in this manner.

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Another important fact that Rockstar reveals is that the gamers who got lump sums of GTA bucks without resorting to manipulative glitches are under no risk. This stealth patch for GTA online is available for Playstation3 and Xbox 360 currently.



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