GTA 5 Online: Hackers Leak Heist DLCTo the excitement of expectant followers, some specific details about the GTA 5 Online heist, mission details, as well as player roles are being leaked in the GTA game files, as confirmed per the news released by Junkie Monkeys.

The report says that an anonymous hacker, “funmw2” has detected some data related to the heist mission and more details about the forthcoming muti-player mission of GTA 5. As per the leaked reports, the players involved in the online heists can now assume one among the several roles of bodyguards, defenders, attackers, drivers, demolition, hackers, gunmen, runners, transporters, pilots, or snipers.


Adding to it, leaked game files also unveil that the feature of content creator can also support as high as four teams in the cooperative mission, and also some specific codes related to the safe hacking of the bank vaults are also being found.


It is not the first time followers are getting the leaked inputs, a prior leak also hinted that one among the heist missions in GTA 5 include a Maze bank robbery too in the neighborhood of Vinewood. The job checklist leaked shows a sharp shooter, gateway driver, and a hacker too. On the other hand, Rockstar recently confirmed the release of DLC heists for GTA 5 in the very near future.