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GTA 5 May Suffer Due to Delays, But Still May See Through the Day!

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Is the delay in releasing a game of the caliber of GTA justified on the part of Rockstar Games? Also in the absence of any information from the company, the game may suffer a setback…

A lot of GTA fans have been really troubled by the number of delays being suffered by its latest edition, GTA 5, which is now being touted to miss its March 2013 release as well. The discovery by an analyst, Colin Sebastian relies heavily on the preparation time required for the marketing and promotion of any particular game. He suggests that since one has ‘not heard anything definitive from the company on release timing’, the delay is predictable. He also adds that ‘retailers typically want 4-6 months lead time to prepare for a launch’ and the launch proceedings should have begun by now considering the ‘March’ deadline.

Now, most of the GTA comments have comes from financial analysts and other agencies related to Rockstar and its operations. But there is hardly any information from the original source themselves. By the way, even the analyst admits that ‘Rockstar rightly prioritizes game quality over release date’ and this in turn, may result in delays. But what is unfathomable is the fact that Rockstar launched its trailer a good year ago and is now backing it up only with a set of screenshots without delving much into the content.

GTA has a rich tradition and an ever growing fan base. It has even caught the attention of actors and politicians alike with Hillary Clinton terming the game’s content as ‘hard to digest’. No other game has ruffled feathers like GTA and still sustained itself in the long run.

But having said that, one cannot negate the fact that the game owes its success to the gamers, who have played it for over a decade. Presently, they have just been left in the dark about the new version and a series of spin-offs from ‘Sleeping Dogs’ and Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs have taken centre stage in this segment. Although, the former has been labeled as aHong Kongversion of the game, the Ubisoft release may gather some considerable numbers and might dent the actual profits of GTA 5.

But the sun is still to set on the Los Santos beach as GTA 5 will still be a formidable release as and when it finds a date for launch. But for all the fire that is burning on different sites regarding the absence of any solid proof about GTA, it still holds fort as a viable discussion on many avenues. The money is on GTA 5 that it will still generate its usual mark but it may reach a new pinnacle if Rockstar actually puts across some valuable information regarding the game.

Yes, in case, you just want to savor the sweet taste of one of its previous versions, then you can always try GTA 3, which has now been recently launched in its PS3 avatar. For others, if there are any, the road is not over yet! Just keep waiting!

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