According to Grand Theft Auto is Great expectation of our time. But we say that Grand Theft Auto 5 rage is similar to the rage when Brad Pitt started dating Angelina Jolie. GTA 5 has broken al the sales records and industry pundits are saying that that it has even surpassed the popularity of a Hollywood blockbuster or any Hollywood couple  The growing fame of the game is clear indicator of how we are letting t virtual world dominate us.

The characters in Grand Theft Auto 5 emerge in all kind of crimes from drugs, violence to crime. On the very day its release, GTA5 made more than 800 million on its first day. As per this profit is eight times more than any Hollywood film has ever made on its very day.

So what is really drawing people towards the video games? Is it the graphics or its ability to give people a virtual entry into the world of crime? We as an audience are immensely attracted to life of drug and violence as we are to the life of celebs. Games just like celebs have become a cultural phenomenon and their dominance can’t be ignored.

Let us know what do you think about growing popularity of GTA 5