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GTA 5 : “Grand Theft Auto 5” Player, World, Item, Vehicle World Cheat Codes

A number of GTA V cheats has entered the normal course of the game. An important noteworthy point is that you cannot save the cheats but you need to enter it every time you use it. The cheats also disable the achievements and rewards for the present gameplay session. The only idea to get the trophies is to load a game saved before using the cheat in the game.The GTA V cheats have been segregated into sections that comprise of Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version of the series.

Player Cheat Codes

World Cheat Codes

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Item Cheat Codes

Vehicle Cheat Codes

The PS3 Cheat codes and 360 cheats codes comprise of raise wanted level, lower wanted level, fast run, give parachute, bang bang, flaming bullets, slow motion, explosive melee attacks, slow motion aim, drunk mode, slow motion, slidey cars, spawn limo, spawn trashmaster, spawn sanchez, spawn comet, spawn stunt plane, spawn rapid GT, Spawn duster,  and Spawn Caddy.

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 The codes for the above game play are different for GTA V and 360. Cheat are not like mods. They alter the data of the game and do not add any gameplay specs. The cheat though make the game simple but a little uninteresting too.

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