With the “Grand Theft Auto 5’s” latest 1.05 update by Rockstar, players no longer have the worry of losing game progress in the event of cloud outage, network issues and glitches. Player cash balance in the game can be protected and many glitches have been fixed.

GTA stimulus packages are live now. Free $5,00,000 GTA virtual money for players is available and waiting to be claimed, although it may take a couple of days before the money gets credited to the virtual account of the player. There have been weeks of promises and so many delays, finally players can use the virtual money in the game. Why the delay? No reason as such, it is suspected that there must have been a technical fault or just a game strategy by Rockstar. A news update will soon be released from the company that would confirm the payment.


There were many technical glitches encountered during GTA Online in the starting few weeks. Now there is more stability in the game, but still there are some minor patch updates that are going to be released in a while. It seems the stimulus package is a gift from Rockstar, apologizing for all the technical issues. The Beach Bum update that adds beach themes, vehicles, updated weapons, jobs and character customizations, is the next update highly awaited and Rockstar is working on the same. Originally pitted to be released on Oct 1, the company chose to postpone the release to ensure all networking and saving issues are solved. Rockstar is grateful for the players for keeping patience and promise a lot of added features and fun in the GTA Online gaming world.


GTA Online content creator is another feature expected soon; it lets create, rate, publish custom-made deathmatch and race jobs.