After the release of Beach Bum Pack, several GTA 5 DLC rumours have been moving around as Rockstar badgered of new story updates that will be released soon. What type of chaos can plays anticipate from the GTA 5 DLC initial instalment from Rockstar? There are two rumours going around: Yanktown and Casino heists. While both are considered to be good for GTA 5 DLC, but are they good in real!

The North Yanktown GTA5 DLC worked as a credible rumour some weeks before as an uncloaked info suggested that Rockstar was designing a North Yanktown DLS and it was logical for the players to enter the snow covered fields of GTA 5 and perform all types of hell. All types of clues were available in the game code for the backup of claims.

Though, the rumour was proven as a hoax. After recognising that GTA 5 North Yanktown is a deception, there is another GTA 5 DLC rumour which is very much available backed up by an in-game location that all GTA players can access. The GTA 5 Casino Heist idea emerged from casino constructing sited in Vinewood Park which will be “opening soon”.

The casino heist is awesome for a player as GTA 5 lacks casinos. The amount of fun in GTA San Andreas will be enhanced to another level by casinos. Thus, instead of gambling on stocks, players can gamble for money at the poker table.

What the need of casino, if there is no casino heist? Rockstar stated that the story updates will be arriving soon. It will be perfect to see Franklin, Michael and Trevor work like Ocean’s 11 team. Purchasing and robbing a casino will be fantastic.

GTA online will feature heists but Rockstar still remains quiet about it. It comes with bank vault in GTA online and it is the place where the online heists for GTA will occur.