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GTA 5 Details Revealed; PC Version in Pipeline as Petitions Pile Up

One of the most discussed games of present times, the Rockstar game, GTA 5 is yet to see the light of the day. But this does not seem to hamper any kind of excitement related to this 2013 release which was slated to hit the docks in the Fall of 2012. Set in the city of Los Santos which is modeled after Los Angeles, the game is expected to feature a wider platform of game play with a wide variety of vehicles added to the new version.

News has also been released regarding GTA 5 to have the song by rapper Chief Keef. The song titled ‘Love Sosa’ would be one of the first few confirmations regarding GTA 5. The rapper, ‘The Game’ would be also part of the GTA 5, voicing one of the characters in it. Besides, the game would have a voice-over from actor Shawn Fonteno who would be possibly dubbing for Franklin, one of the leading characters of GTA 5. Rockstar is yet to respond on both the confirmations. The game is yet to be announced on any other versions than PS3 or Xbox 360 and most of the announcements keep further developments as ‘under consideration’. Although Amazon France has mentioned the release of GTA 5 as June 19, there has been a host of speculation regarding a Spring 2013 launch.

There’s also buzz in town regarding the new version of GTA 6 which may feature even other cities on the map. And in this version, gamers may be able to play in their favorite city of choice or at least have an overview of it while shifting between various cities on the map. It may include all GTA maps till date and would be prepared for the PS4 and Xbox 720 versions. Both these consoles would be debuting in the year 2013 with Microsoft aiming the E3 event for its formal launch. In short, it would be one giant step for the gaming world to move forward with such an initiative and only time will tell whether Rockstar will once again break new records of the industry through GTA 6. GTA 5 is aiming for sales of 20 million for now and may even exceed the amount considering the frenzy surrounding it.

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For now, we hope GTA 5 does launch in time. And yes, if you are one of the PC players worrying about the PC version of the game, thousands of petitions are piling at the doorstep of Rockstar games to release the game on PC. The gaming major does often delay the PC version as compared to the console versions. For now, you can sign on the petition and just wait for Rockstar to respond!  To check the petition, visit Meanwhile, has come up with a mod which features a variety of vehicles from GTA 5 available for a ride in the GTA 4 edition.

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