GTA 5 Release has surely broken all records with its release sales, however not all has been good for the company. People have faced difficulty collecting money in the game to purchase the extravagant stuff for efficient running of the game. The game also malfunctions with old Xbox 360 models.

However, few GTA 5 cheats have been lately released to help the GTA 5 players win enough cash and find some strategies to cross the game.

GTA 5 Cheat Sheet To Get More Money

You can easily manipulate the stock market of the game to get sits benefits, as per IGN. Different companies saw that the games had competitors in the stock market and players have the freedom to spend in one company and sabotage the competition to help your stock gain more value.

For instance, if the player is interested in purchasing airlines like Fly US then travel to the airport, destroying or crashing the other airline companies and immediately the value of FLY US will rise. Few players are reporting that the game freezes and crashes on Xbox 360 designed in 2006-2008. Till now, no effective option has been found to correct the trouble.