Lately, the GTA V stock market money cheat is raising eyebrows because of an attempt to manipulate prices in the kind of insider trading schemes (normally reserved for ACTUAL insider schemes).

Sources claim no one made money, but two people took advantage of the sale and made millions. The Pisswasser GTA V stock market money cheat has come and gone, but its spirit lives on in downtown gameland. Looking to exploit the GTA V stock market?  This is as good a place as any to start and see what the next organized move will be.

The mechanics:  Franklin eventually gets to do missions for Lester that directly influence stock prices in a big, big way. If you haveaccess to these missions in GTA V then DON’T DO THEM!! The key to exploiting the GTA V stock market money cheat is to have a lot of cash to invest and you don’t get big pays until you finish all the story missions.

The main deal: The Hotel Assassination mission  affects the price of Betta Pharmaceuticals (BET) must be completed. Invest all your cash (and all of Michael and Trevor’s cash) in BET before finishing the mission.

Next, invest your $45 million into Redwood (RWC) also on the LCN stock exchange. It takes 48 in-game hours for RWC to peak so after one finishes the mission, go to the safe house and save the game multiple times to advance the clock until it’s 48 hours later.

The next mission in the GTA V money cheat has you doing some illegal things to increase the price of Fruit (FRT) on the Bawsaq market, while the fourth Lester mission in the GTA V stock market money cheat will prompt you to invest in Vapid (VAP) in the Bawsaq market.

During th3 final stage with Lester, invest everything in Goldcoast (GCD) on the LCN market. After you complete the mission the stock price will rise 80 percent. And you will find yourself in command of more than $1.2 billion dollar (plenty to buy everything in the game).

Fans are waiting to see what happens when the GTA V stock market goes live in GTA Online. Obviously Rockstar is aware of how easily it can be manipulated and may be taking steps to change it.