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GTA 5 Cheats: “Grand Theft Auto 5” How to Unlock Invincibility and What Happens When You Do


For anyone who has played GTA 5, they know that the game is amazingly involving and rewarding. Sometimes, all you want is to kick back, relax and blow up stuff with no results. For that you require a cheat.

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Cheat for Invincibility

The cheat for invincibility for 360 is R, A, R,L R, RN, R,L, A,Y while the same for PlayStation  is R,X,R,L,R,R1,R,L,X,TRI. With this cheat, you actually get around 5minutes of time to recover and once the timer just runs out, you are killed. So, you are given a time of 5 minutes to recover and gain back your senses. However, if the time is not enough, then you might get killed.

This is the only cheat hat has been created for invincibility till now. However, in the near future, GTA 5 lovers will come up with something new and innovative. The cheat is different for Xbox 360 andPlayStation. Stay tuned to know more updates, cheats and tricks about the game. The game is alluring and probably the most addictive game of all times. Experience the best of the GTA 5 by using the cheat in your game and get some time for recovery

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