Tuesday, July 23, 2024

GTA 5 Cheats for PS4 And Xbox One: Rock Star To Have Exploit Bugs

Online cheating has eaten into the profits of many game developers and Rock Star has developed a system in which the cheat codes will have exploit bugs on them to uncover the players that may be stealing.

The Independent has said that cheaters will have all illegally acquired gaming money stripped off their profiles and will be confined to a pool that will not allow them to interact with other players for many months. The idea behind these cheat sweeps are to reduce the number of reports that give out exploits that can be used in the game.   

The cheaters on the GTA 5game will be affected as they have earned over trillions of GTA dollars using cheats. Rock Star representatives have said that their actions are in response to cheaters and that they want to keep this game play environment as fair as possible for all players who are legitimate. They conduct routine sweeps to fish out cheaters or modders and reverse all illegal transactions being made.  

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The sweeps are done using in game detection methods that are automated and the proof is manually reviewed by the committee about suspicious players, honest players will not have to worry but cheaters will be separated from the rest of the gamers. 


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