Sunday, July 14, 2024

GTA 5 Bugs, Feezing and Issues – Rockstar Gives Ultimate GTA 5 Fixes

While we experienced some problem with newly released GTA 5, the technical team has updated some troubleshoot that can help you overcome the problems.

The issues comprise of load screen freezing, freezing of the screen during the installation of the game and stuck at container handler.

Q. The GTA V freezes when you replay the mission? What type of issue is it?

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A. This may happen when you replay the mission or retry for it after falling from the pest control van. What you can do is avoid falling at this point or go for the mission during the day.

Q. At the time of Agency Heist, the Lester’s Garment factory is locked. How do we proceed?

A. It occurs mainly when you fail to pass the mission and select not to retry. You can load the previous saved one.

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Q. While playing the Port Heist 1, Trevor gets stuck during the container handler? How do we sort it?

A. The problem happens when Trevor goes ahead of Floyd to the handler. We offer you to follow Floyd to the container handler. If it is stuck at present, you can reload the saved and game follow behind Floyd.

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