Looks like Grey’s Anatomy Season 10 has already had fans waiting eagerly how the series shapes up to the climax. Twelve episodes are over, and the season is at a standstill thanks to the winter break. Jackson Avery awaits the answers to his questions from April Kepner in the show, and so do the fans of Grey’s Anatomy. Wait with bated breaths for the revelations in the 13th episode.


Reports from Hollywoodlife.com suggest that the series will continue airing from 27th February 2014. The channel will be ABC, and Thursday slot has been given to the show. After Jackson Avery confessed his feelings of love for April, who was standing at the pedestal with Matthew Taylor: her would-be-bride. It remains to be seen who will April choose, Jackson or Matthew.


Spoiler alert! If we have to go by Instagram picture posted by Rennae Stubbs, who plays the character of Owen Hunt, a new character “Catman” will feature in the series once it restarts.

Brian Howe may be playing the role of “Catman”. Yes, the same guy who starred in NBC “Journeyman”. Some more spoilers: Chandra Wilson, Dr Bailey in the series, will be a guest star in another medical drama show “General Hospital”, this time playing a patient though. The reason behind President calling Derek Shepherd is in the minds of all viewers. Additionally, will the  health issues of Alex Karev’s father get better, will he continue to live on? Answers to all these intriguing questions are predicted to be answered in the upcoming episode.


The first promo of the episode 13 spoiler has been released just some days back. Fans are brimming with anticipation, only time will answer the cliffhanger mid season ending of Grey’s Anatomy season 10.