Grand Theft Auto V is one rocker of a game. With millions of fans and still counting, Rockstar has another surprise for avid followers of this game. The official game cover with game art is all set for launch in January. This information was available on the Rockstar Newswire so we have testimony to the promise. This is relevant because when the gaming company promised that there’s “lots more ahead”, we has not contemplated the launch of an official gaming box.

What’s more is that Rockstar is all slated to come up with a compilation of artwork from the Grand Theft V that has been released till date. In addition, if you wish to access any trailer or screensavers, the download page could make that mere “click-walk”.

Get you Xbox 360’s and PS3s ready for Auto Theft. With interesting and high end graphics, combined with no-hold’s bar interview with Dan Houser, the game box takes a dramatic twist this season. For now—we wait for a peek into what the pack holds on the outside and inside.