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Grand Theft Auto V: Could it be released by May 2013?

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The latest in the series of this popular game is titled Grand Theft Auto V, and that’s all the information we’ve had so far, thanks to its various worldwide ads. You can pre-order the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of this game starting from Spring in 2013 – no word yet on a PC or Wii U version yet. Of course, we’re hoping that the company launches the PC version at a later date, but we doubt if this game would see a Wii U version coming out.

Rockstar had made available 10 screenshots of GTA V way back in August and left us lusting after more information about the game. If the screenshots are to be believed, we can expect bicycles and jets to be back in the game, which only makes the game even more exciting. We missed these vehicles in the previous versions of the game, in keeping with the more serious themes they had.

GTA IV, the most recent version out, featured Nico Bellic – a clueless immigrant arriving at Liberty City in an attempt to run away from his past. The game also saw the release of two expansion packs – The Lost and The Damned, and The Ballad of Gay Tony. In the game, players got to experience a glamorous Liberty City, geographically reminiscent of New York, especially its bustling nightlife. Wonder what we can expect in GTA V?

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