Grand Theft Auto 5 Online: High Rank for Maximizing Reputation, Proceed Ahead by Getting a Duffel Bag

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online

Grand Theft Auto Online players now have a great trick for maximizing their reputation in quick time by taking advantage of a newly surfaced glitch. The glitch, discovered recently, eases out the grinding to acquire a high rank in the online version of the game.

To pull this new trick, two players will be required. Players will have to begin a Rockstar mission labeled as Capture Neighborhoods. The player who is in need of the reputation boost  ought to be on Team 2. The players should  proceed ahead with the mission by obtaining the duffel bag of the opposite team and looking for a helicopter.

Once they are in the helicopter, the player will be required to return to his starting location and start hovering the helicopter over any spotted building to send across the duffel bag. The delivering noise can get too loud so it is advisable that the volume is turned down to ensure no one is disturbed or worse, shocked by the grilling sound. Player should keep hovering the copter for as long as they can. If  he is able to deliver it, then he should pick up the duffel bag and start leveling up as quick as 8 levels in flat 8 minutes. Once content, the player can then repeat the whole thing with other player and guide him in leveling up. No grinding is required but if the player plans to do this, it is recommended that he is very quick before Rockstar fixes up this glitch yet another time.

The PC version of GTA 5 is still in the dark after several rumors that hinted towards its launch date during Christmas Eve proved to be untrue. More new updates of its release date will be coming in. the new release date leaked online is supposedly February 2014.