Google’s Paper Phone doesn’t allow you to make calls or to take those picture-perfect selfies.  Google’s latest phone isn’t a smartphone but is quite literally just a piece of paper that intends to keep you away from your Pixel smartphone.

The US-based smartphone manufacturing firm has actually taken digital detox a step even further with its new Paper Phone. Google’s Paper Phone is an Android app that allows you to take a day off from your smartphone with a printed booklet that includes all the key information for the day.

An initiative towards Digital Detox

Google’s Paper Phone will enable users to take a much-needed break from their digital world for a day. This free to use app also allows users to include selected contacts, maps, and meetings in their personalised booklet for the day. Furthermore, the free Android app also allows you to print customisable paper apps for recipes, notepads, and phrasebooks to avoid distractions.

Under the Paper Phone project, Google developers have also developed a wallpaper that counts the total number of times a user has unlocked the device in a day. Moreover, the project also includes a ‘desert island’ program that restricts users’ access only to the most essential apps for 24 hours.

Google’s Paper Phone has come at a point when users have also begun acknowledging their smartphone addiction and are struggling with finding the right balance with technology.

Healthcare experts have also raised concerns over the ever-expanding presence of smartphones and other tech gadgets in our daily lives. Furthermore, smartphone addiction is also being associated with anxiety and stress. It has also prompted companies to offer enhanced unplugging options to help users.

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Paper Phone is also a part of Google’s wider initiative of ‘Digital Wellbeing’ experiments to reduce smartphone addiction among users. Moreover, apps developed under this initiative will also aim towards helping users to focus on things that matter the most.

Google has made Paper Phone’s code available on Github for people to explore, adopt, and evolve. It has also urged developers to keep the digital wellbeing of users in mind while building technology.