Google has once again changed its logo. The new logo is modern, simpler and crisp. The first thing you notice about the logo is its sans-serif typeface, which is a fresh departure from its old serif look. Are we sold? Yes.

Google Logo Credit/Facebook
Google Logo

In all aspects the new Google logo is one of the finest update to come from the search giant.  What really makes it click is its bubbly animation. The logo turns into four colorful dots, which during the voice search turns into equalizer. When you are done talking, the dots spin to search the results. The dots turn into Google again when the search yields result.

The little “g” icon of Google has also been replaced by the four colors “G.” Google has taken this step to increase logo’s functionality. The company has mentioned in its official blog that Google search is no more confined to desktop and PCs; people are using it on tablets, mobile, television and a plethora of other devices. The new logo, or should we call it a “multi-platform logo” adheres to everyone needs.

It is visible on the tiniest of screens. The four colors not only demands attention, they add a whole new life to the search experience. The four dots can be easily placed under the umbrella of new wave technology; they are indeed the brilliant tools to interact.

The new logo has appealed to most of the people, especially to the avid mobile users. According to one of the mobile users, Natasha Prakash, “The logo brings a smile on the face.” 

Another tablet user, Rohan Singh, says, “ It has taken the interaction experience to a new level.”

 Google has clearly floored many with its new, practical and vivacious logo.