Looks like Apple Inc still has many points to cover in the court, as another patent suit has been filed against the company. As per reported by Bloomberg, Google’s Motorola unit has hit Apple with a new patent-infringement lawsuit in the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC) in Washington.

It is reported that this complaint by Motorola’s seeks to block Apple from importing its iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and various Apple computers to the US market, which accounts for most of its sale. Motorola complains that certain features on Apple devices, infringe its patents.

This lawsuit is marked being the latest in a long series of recent disputes going on between Apple and Google/Motorola. However, it is also Motorola’s first lawsuit following its acquisition by Google in February.

Although a spokesperson of Motorola confirmed that Google did file a complaint with the ITC, all patents that Google is trying to defend remained unclear.

It is believed that the complaint focuses on technologies that Apple uses in virtually all of its current hardware products. However, as per Motorola, the full complaint won’t be available on the ITC’s website until Monday.

There are also reports that an ITC judge already issued an opening ruling in a previous Motorola vs. Apple case, accusing the latter of infringing one of Motorola’s patents. Next week is expected to see the ruling of the case.

However, it is believed that if the commission rules in favor of Motorola, sales of iPhone 4S and new iPad 4G won’t be affected as they both use a Qualcomm chipset, which falls outside of Motorola’s patent claims.

Apple also sued Motorola Mobility, arguing that it infringed three of its patents, which was ruled out by the judge. This decision was supported by ITC.