There seems to be good news for smartphone users, especially those who use Google Google Is Working To Improve Chrome Scrolling Chrome on their portable touch screen devices. The company has finally declared to improve their scrolling feature by using pointer features.

People who so far complained of the scrolling performance in Windows tablets will now be benefited once the search engine starts supporting Pointer Events, which was initially used by Microsoft for Microsoft Explorer as well.

Google has so far only stressed on Touch Events. However, after receiving multiple feedback from the web community, they have finally decided to adopt the change for Chrome.

When contacted by the media, Rick Byers of Google said, “Replacing all touch event handlers with pointer event handlers will address the main longstanding source of scrolling-start jank we see on Android.”

It will take some time to experience the improvement as the experts are now working on the support and they will test it with weekly as well as nightly versions of the search engine before releasing it for users.

However, that is not a big problem as the users are happy to know that scrolling is going to become simpler soon. Microsoft and Google have been constantly competing to improve user experience, both has worked together to improve users’ experience and Rick Byers have praised Jacob Rossi’s support, without which it could not have been possible to make this improvisation such easily.