Google Wallet app is one aspect of digital paying technology that is poised to have a huge impact on the future. Google is now trying to lower the barrier and plans to enter the technology of mobile payment by trying to add or change some features of Google Wallet app.

Everyone loves the transition of paying in the easiest possible manner. Moving to Cloud, Google now tries to make things easy and rewarding for the customers.

With this transition, Google will store all information of users on its serves instead of storing a user’s key card data on their phone. The company believes that the feature will speed up the card authentication process and will attract more banks to adopt this payment system.

Another evolution involves the Google Wallet app now supporting Visa, Discover and American Express. This point should be important to those who have tried using Google Wallet only to realize that the system didn’t support their card of choice.

The updates by Google are the company’s latest effort to let Google Wallet sail through effortlessly. In a way, mass adoption is good for Google as the company knows that it’s really a difficult task to get mobile users interested in a mobile payment system that only supports a single credit card, as Google Wallet app did previously.

Security has been a major concern for Google Wallet since the beginning and Google is also trying hard to bridge the gap between openness and security.

The latest update offers many benefits to the users. They can now remotely disable the application in case they lose their phones or in case it goes into the wrong hands. While this is a prerequisite, Google users should be glad that Google thought of it soon.

One thing that the new additions do not change, however, is the limited selection of phones that this application supports. Robin Dua, product head, Google Wallet writes in a blog post that only six phones and one tablet are supported by Google’s mobile payment system. However, the popularity of this application will increase only when the number of users increases, which in turn will rise only with the number of phones that Google Wallet app supports.