The Google I/O Developers Conference set to take place at the Moscone Center in San Francisco on May 11, 2011, is expected to be the platform for the promotion of Google mobile games– on its Android platform. A formal announcement about the same is expected to be released on Wednesday, May 15 after the beginning of Google’s annual I/O conference.

The details of Google Play Games was released by Android Police– a website based on Android, which unearthed these details after going through the features of the prerelease version (v3.1.36) of Google Play Services APK. The elements and attributes of the social-oriented gaming platform by Google+ include leader boards, multiplayer, unlock able achievements and cloud syncing—on the same lines as Apple’s Game Center.

Google had hired the innovative services of Noah Falstein; a 30 year old game developer in April. Noah has worked for various gaming companies like Dreamworks Interactive and Lucasfilm Games as their chief games designer. According to reports published by TechHive, the search giant has also hired an electronics art veteran – Rachel Bernstein who has designed games for Xbox Live Arcade and Nintendo Wii.

Though Google is coming up with Android centric games, it does not mean that it is focusing only on the development of mobile based applications and games. The Android based platform is also powering several other independent consoles such as Google Glass, Ouya and reality games like Ingress.

As per Venture Beat, these investments by Google are expected to be a boon for both Google Plat Store revenues and developers alike.