Google Uses Recycled Materials: The Tech Giant Goes Green

Google Uses Recycled Materials

With Global Warming becoming the major cause of concern, Google has set new goals to have a zero waste to landfill certification for all its assembly sites by 2022. It is also working towards plastic-free packaging for all Google products by 2025. In 2020, Google pledged that, by 2022, it would include recycled materials in all of its products, including Pixel phones, Google Home speakers, Pixelbooks, Nest devices, and several Google accessories and charging stands.

Google continues to maintain the shipping of products directly to consumers 100 percent carbon neutral. All Google products, including all Pixel and Nest devices, now use recycled material in some form. For instance, the back cover of Pixel 5 is made from 100 percent recycled aluminium. Also, the Nest Audio speaker features 70 percent recycled plastic. Working towards its sustainability goal, Google has also clarified that not all of its products are made completely out of recycled materials but form a part of the designs. 

Google Uses Recycled Materials

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During an interview with the Verge, he said, “We have purchased enough carbon offsets to cancel out the company’s carbon dioxide emissions since its founding in 1998. It’s been carbon neutral since 2007; the emissions it generates burning fossil fuels are offset by its investments in renewable energy and other initiatives. And the company said today it will continue to keep “all shipping of Made by Google hardware to and from direct customers 100 percent carbon neutral.”

“Google’s focus on incorporating recycled materials in our hardware design not only supports our sustainability commitments but also enables our supply chain partners to confidently invest in and develop these types of materials so that the wider consumer electronics industry can use them too,” said Google sustainability systems architect David Bourne.

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In September this year, Google CEO Sundar Pichai that the company aims to be completely carbon-free by 2030, and is committed to using more recycled or renewable materials in both hardware products and packaging. In 2019, he had said, “We’ve got till 2030 to chart a sustainable trigger for our planet or face the worst penalties of local weather change.”