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Google Travel Updates: New Tools Added To Show COVID Updates

Google is updating its travel page with a new dedicated Explore tab to show COVID-19 advisories for your next travel destination. The tech giant is also working to add more tools to provide COVID updates in Search and Maps, and more.

Seeing an increase in search queries like “travel restrictions” and “where to travel”, google has given Explore tool a new tab “” to show users more destinations, filters for destinations, travel advisory or restrictions, and other helpful information.

Road Trip Support for Maps on Desktop

The California based giant has also decided to some updates to Google Maps on the desktop to help users plan their trips amidst the pandemic. The updated maps will also display different types of places where travellers can stop during their trip, including a list of rest stops, hotels, parks, and campgrounds.

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Users can also use the “Travel Mode” filter at the top of the map to see only cities with airports. When users select a destination, travel advisories and restrictions are also shown as well.

User -Oriented Google Travel Feature

With the new Google travel updates, users will now be able to see COVID-19 related travel advisories or restrictions. It will also inform users about the quarantine rules upon reaching the preferred destination of travel. It will also include information related to This information can whether visitors must provide their immunisation records, proof of test results, etc. The new feature updates will surely help the search giant maintain an edge over its competitors in the online travel sector.

Google has also updated the Explore tab to show more destinations, smaller cities, national parks, along with other destination filters for users to plan their trip in a better manner. It will also provide information like hotels, things to do, best time to visit, and more.

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The new update is currently launched in the US. Travellers will now get notified via email about travel advisories or restriction updates. This will tell them if restrictions have been reduced or lifted.

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