“We would like to invite you to a special announcement about Google Fiber and the next chapter of the Internet,” is what the invitations read that were sent to people who Google wants should attend its special even in Kansas City on July 26. Anticipations are high that this event is going to be nothing but the launch of its fiber-to-the-home network, Google Fibre.

In the past Google has announced that it is planning to make a big launch this summer, keeping that and sources in mind all fingers point to the launch of Google Fibre. The idea of launching fiber-to-the home network was proposed by Google in 2010 and thousands of municipalities showed interest in being a part of the network.  It was in March that Google picked up Kansas City as the first location for Google Fiber.

Google’s intention of building Google Fibre is that it wanted to see what all people can do if they are provided with a full gigabit connection. Nevertheless, experts are of the view that Google has stepped into this because it wanted to answer ISP’s questions of how much networks cost to operate and on what basis should providers be charged for delivering traffic across the ISP’s networks.

Offering solution to ISP’s continuous nagging Google has come up with Google Fibre; a solution that will help people find out exactly how much it takes to build and operate a wireline network.

Nevertheless, we will get complete details about Google Fibre only at the event.