Early morning and a googly bowls me out. Hey, that is no typo; I did intend to use the cricketing jargon. Moving on to some punny fun, here’s why the googly hit me— Google might just be in mind to launch an Android-powered laptop. More to this—Google intends to keep the model affordable enough for catering to the low-end segment.


Let us not forget that the Google Chromebook Pixel is ample to keep high-end users beaming for a decent bit of time!


However, with this tidbit, all I was wondering is—would this be a clarion call to Microsoft? Would it now launch Android-laptops?


When tech giants are discussed, how could I forget Apple? If Google goes the Android way, Apple too might not be too snug. Perhaps, as per leaks an economical MacBook is in the air. Perhaps, this could be Apple’s soldier to fight an-in-the-making warrior from Google. While iPad, iPhone and MacBooks are a rage, Apple might just choose to tighten laces.


Microsoft too is a darling for its Surface tabs, but you never know if insecurity beats it to render a new line of products.


For us, we would only need to shirk and shriek at choosing among an Android laptop, a touch-keyboard laced Surface or an iOS laptop. Too many cooks—eh? Will the broth get spoilt or spicy?