In a recent official blog, Google Inc. announced upgrading two latest user-friendly features for BigQuery, which is the firm’s popular big-data offering application.

A safe, reliable, cheap, and secure operation, BigQuery lets users analyze Big Data stored in the cloud using SQL. Using BigQuery, consumers get an insight into the real-time business within seconds.

The search giant revealed that BigQuery integrated with several other partner solutions to make it easy to import data from other cloud services.

Google in its blog said that a processing feature is added to schedule less time-sensitive batch queries.

They have also added a tool to connect BigQuery to Microsoft Excel to remove manual import of data and running queries directly within Excel, which consumes lot of time.

In the past, BigQuery was a bit more expensive process for IT than simply spinning up and uploading data to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) program.

The team at BigQuery has always worked into introducing latest and innovative features to make it handy for business users.

BigQuery offers business users a cloud platform, through a self-service model. It’s cheaper and effective. In case you haven’t tried it yet, try it at

Users just need to pay 2 cents per gigabyte processed for batch queries, and 3.5 cents per gigabyte processed for interactive queries.