Google has been trying to stand out of the regular crowd with its Project Ara. However, things have taken a turn such that too unconventional a thing could lead you into hot water.  According to inside scoop, the latest upcoming phone from Google might just allow you to swap all its main components. Despite its best design algorithms, this is one thing the maker is finding hard to achieve.  A latest tweet from the Project Ara team at Google says, “No more electro-permanent magnets.”

Google Not Prepared To Launch Project AraThis concept is a challenge now and the maker is working on redoing the entire framework of Project Ara such that it can join all the modules together. More so, Google needs to create a phone that does not fall apart when it hits the floor.  Therefore, the durability factor is something at stake here.

The creators of Project Ara say that they are in process of testing the signature experience for attaching its modules. While there is no clarity on what this means we know that Ara will debut much later.  There is no official launch date yet. Keep watching this space for more updates.