Google plunged into the spirit of April fool’s day by offering a new Google Maps update for Android and iOS devices. They invited users to spot Pokemon using the Google Maps App on their smart phones.Pokemon-X-and-Y_US

Google invited users to play ‘Pokemon Masters’ by spotting the highest number of Pokemon. Though Google’s trick was a prank, there were many users who actually decided to find Pokemon. Google also took the liberty to post a video, which showed people looking for Pokemon at different regions with the use of Google Maps and capturing the Pokemon using their cell phone cameras.

How to find the Pokemon

  • The users must first get the updated Google App launched on their devices.
  • Choose search option, which is there on top of the screen.
  • There are Press Start button as well as the icon of blue Pokeball.
  • This is the spot where the search for Pokemon Master starts.
  • The Pokemon, which you have found can be saved to the Pokedex.

About 150 Pokemon are there to be found in the new update and unlike as in the game, the Pokemon will not fight back. There is an extra Pokemon also added into this challenge as Mew; however it is not necessary to win the challenge. It’s fun and action.